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Weekly Declarations for May 27, 2024

Welcome to this new week full of unpredictable breakthroughs. l declare as you are going through the week that your destiny shall not be stranded nor swallowed by the wicked enemies. Whosoever is tailing your life or running days and nights to assassinate your glory and stars shall die mysteriously. The time has come and the time is now that you shall no longer experience hardship, begging to live, nor lacking your heart desires. Nothing will threaten your peace. Nothing will break your heart. Nothing will deflate your faith. Nothing will steal your joy. Nothing will take away all you have labored, gathered and achieved. May God be your shield and protect all that He has given to you and your household. God told me to tell you that the story of your life shall change to testimonies and celebrations. He told me to give this divine assurance to you this morning that: You will not die until you become very aged. You shall not shed tears again. You shall no longer experience unfortunate situation again. You shall no longer rise and fall. Your seasons of unique praises and leaping for unexpected jubilation have started now, in Jesus Mighty Name.

Have a Wonderful, Peaceful and Blessed week. Stay Safe and Remain Abundantly Blessed.

2024 is Your Year of Flourishing in God’s Fullness.

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