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The Word of God

Is the Bible a lamp that guides your path? Is God's Word your everyday guide for every facet of your life, or is it a once-a-week text that you consult only on Sunday mornings? Do you read the Bible faithfully or sporadically? The answer to these questions will determine the direction of your thoughts, the direction of your day, and, in many cases, the condition of your life.

God's Word reminds us again and again that our Creator expects us to lead disciplined lives. God doesn't reward laziness, misbehavior, or apathy. To the contrary, He expects believers to behave with dignity and discipline... but the world tempts us to do otherwise. We live in a world in which leisure is glorified and indifference is often glamorized. But God has other plans. He did not create us for lives of mediocrity; He created us for far greater things.

God's Word can be a roadmap, a place of righteousness and abundance. Make it your roadmap. God's Word can be a light to guide your steps. Claim it as your light. God's Word can be an invaluable tool for crafting a better day and a better life. Make it your tool.

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