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Prophetic Prayers for the Week of 3/12/23

We thank God for the New Week. I decree and declare this week that the Almighty God will give you and your family members the worth of life, you shall multiply in health and wealth and remain in the safe hand of God. Everyone planning to harm you or your loved ones will never understand the power that is fighting for you. The Host of Heaven will announce your greatness and usher you to the table of upliftment. You and your loved ones will enjoy advance help, deliverance, favors, support, preservation and blessings. God will go ahead and break every trap prepared for you. He will go ahead and reverse evil decisions made concerning you, The voice of God will go ahead of you to silence opposing voices, harassing voices, demoting voices, disgraceful voices, stagnating voices and accusing voices. Powers pushing you down from ladder of favors will die and your blessings will not obey the command of destructive forces. All your missions shall be accomplished to the glory of God. It shall be well with you and your family, in Jesus Mighty Name

Have a glorious week. Stay Safe

2023 is Your Year of Better Things! You and Your Family are meant for better things.

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