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Prophetic Declarations for the Week of May 22


This is the word of God for you this week. You will reap bountifully and no man will take away from your harvest. When God seems silent, He is preparing you for what He has prepared for you. Therefore from this week henceforth, where legs of men can't go, Grace will take you there. Where the hands of men can't reach, God's favor will release it to you. Whichever way you turn, you find God by your side and He will direct your affairs. Mercy will open doors shut against your greatness & breakthrough. You and your household will be blessed with unexplainable favor. No man will deny you of your dues, the harvest of your planting shall never elude you. I proclaim that your breakthrough in life is irreversible. The greatest surprise that has ever happened to you will be activated in your life now and beyond, in Jesus Mighty Name.

2022 is your year of perfection.

Have a blessed week. Stay safe, in Jesus name.

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