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Prophetic Declarations for the week of June 19th, 2022

As you start this week, by the reason of the anointing of God, you shall be blessed above your expected desires. The miracles that will make you remember 2022 for good will manifest in your life and family. Every conspiracy to break you down shall lead to your breakthroughs. Your story shall end in praises and by the grace of God, you shall not become what your enemies say you will become because where help is not common, you shall be helped. Evil shall be far from you and all yours. The Lord of Peace will give you peace always by Himself. Tragedies will not come near you or your household. Your life shall be seasoned with favor, grace and mercy, I wish you glorious, beautiful and wonderful week full of pleasant surprises, in Jesus mighty name.

2022 is your Year of perfection

Wising you a blissful week. Stay Safe

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