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Prophetic Declarations for the Week of April 16, 2023

This week, God will remember you and your family members for every good work you have ever done for Him, your prayers will be remembered and your answers will come, your offering will be remembered and your flourishing will appear, your kindness will be remembered and you will be crowned with new benefits and your sacrifices will be remembered and they will speak against evil sacrifices made in your name. The same God who remembered Noah and dried up the flood of death upon the earth, will remember you and dry up destruction and death planned for you in secret places. Spiritual vehicles carrying your blessings shall not be diverted, grounded, or hijacked by wicked powers. Demons and agents of satan joining hands to block your testimonies shall be roasted to ashes, every closure declared over your prosperity and promotion is reversed; your breakthrough shall move without any obstruction, God’s hand shall be heavy upon your troublers, He will thrust out all your enemies before you, in the Mighty Name of Jesus

Have a glorious week. Stay Safe

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