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Prophetic declarations for the Week of 9/18/22

On this new week, I join my faith with yours and pray that this week and henceforth, whatever makes you happy and dance for joy will not make you cry. Everything that gives you hope and peace of mind for better tomorrow will not be taken from you. All that makes you shout for joy, heaven will retain them for you. The Lord will preserve all that makes you thank Him all the days of your life and increase more of His grace and blessings that will make you what you are destined to be. Whatever blessing that has been stolen or diverted from you shall all be recovered fully and restored perfectly. Whatever your concerns are, may their doors be opened now. Whatever may be bothering your mind or may be giving you sleepless may God address them for you. A shout of joy shall fill your heart, your home, your home, and your family now and forever, in Jesus Mighty Name.

2022 is Your Year of Perfection.

Have a joyful-gilled week. Stay well and stay safe

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