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Prophetic Declarations for the Week of 9/17/23

We have countless reasons to say thank you Lord. You have been extremely good to us. You gave us grace to see the light of a new day. And the light of a new week.

As you go this week, you will not be a victim of any evil and you will not be unfortunate. God will separate you and your loved ones from all evil schemes, wicked counsels, deadly plots, cruel devises and the enterprises of the crafty. You will not be cornered in any evil emergency and your feet will not run into desolation. You and yours will not suffer the terror of liars, manipulators and inventors of evils in Jesus name. Any evil hours waiting for you and you loved ones this week will be broken by the Blood of Jesus. Your reward will be larger than your investment. God will turn the works of your hands to become wealth of your life. Every good seed you sowed that has not offered you good harvest will deliver surplus returns to you. The Prince of Life will command princes, princesses and rulers to seek and bless you. Powers reversing goodness will not succeed concerning you. Your health will not grown thorns against you and your sleep will not become warfare. Every battle against your blessings will fail. You will enjoy over-sized promotion, in the Mighty Name of Jesus

Have a glorious week. Stay safe and well.

2023 is Your Year of Better Things!

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