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Prophetic Declarations for the Week of 7/2/23

The cedars of Lebanon are physical symbols of strength, prosperity and sweet fragrance. They are God’s special trees of incomparable benefits. This week, God will make you a cedar of His power, prosperity, promotion, preservation and victory. You will be a cedar of good success in every area of your life. The Holy Spirit will grant you new competitive edges above your competitors, contenders, colleagues and associates. God will intervene in your matters and turn difficult situations around for you. Your helplessness will turn to blessedness, pains will become gains, trials will turn to triumph, emptiness will come to fullness, and manipulation will turn to magnification. The same God that turned Joseph difficulties into opportunities will grant you opportunities of large favors, grand help, enlarged benefits, overwhelming promotion and fearful blessings. Every crying need in your life will receive instant supplies of God. God will suspend natural laws to favor you. Man will suspend protocols to honor you. Everything in creation will work for your celebration. Everything in creation will work for your celebration and your name will appear on a new list of winners, in the Mighty Name of Jesus

Have a blessed and glorious week. Stay safe.

2023 is Your Year of Better Things!

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