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Prophetic Declarations for the Week of 7/16/23

One day of divine remembrance is enough to wipe off years of blockage and stoppage. One day, God remembered Noah and the horror of flood ceased, One day, God remembered Sarah and the insult of barrenness ceased. One day, God remembered Mordecai and the reward of his stewardship was released. This week, God will remember you and launch you into overwhelming blessings, honor, riches power, joy, peace and glory. A book of remembrance will be opened for your sake and your ordained blessings shall be released unto you. Angels of celebration will visit you and connect you to your jubilation. The mercy of God will destroy every judgment standing against your flourishing. The lion’s den was not a crusade ground, yet God visited it for the sake of Daniel. The same God will visit your circumstance and grant you fearful blessings. The burning fiery furnace was not a worship center yet, God visited it for the sake of the three Hebrew boys. The same God will put out evil fires against your health, finances and marriage. Doors of divine remembrance will be open for you. Crowns of divine remembrance will come upon your head and you will sing sweeter song. Evil works and workers striving against your celebration will die. Your testimonies will be for sure, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Have a glorious and fruitful week. Be safe!

2023 is Your Year of Better Things.

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