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Prophetic Declarations for the Week of 6/25/23

As you have stepped into the last week of June to the glory of God, no curse spoken, imagined or written against you and your family members will work. The redeeming works of Jesus will destroy satanic utterances against you and your loved ones. The Blood of Jesus will destroy evil campaigns, striving of tongues, opposing voices, threats of evil powers, rage of the wicked, evil imaginations and expectation, projections of sorrow and devices of the crafty against you and your family members. Haman prepared gallows for Mordecai but was hanged in his gallows. Your troublers will be drowned in the troubles appointed for you. Gallows of hatred and rejection, dryness and emptiness, errors and failures will collapse on their makers and your victory will be total and final. Restraining powers will die. Evil reporters will perish. Couriers of destruction will fail flat. Boastful giants will expire. Bleeding grounds of afflictions against you will dry up and your testimonies will stand like towers. As the month is ending, your life, your employment, your health, your finances, your joy, your peace, your breakthrough shall not end with it. Any disaster left in the remaining days of this month shall be minus you and your family, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Have a glorious and blessed week. Stay safe

2023 is Your Year of Better Things!

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