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Prophetic Declarations for the Week of 5/21/23


he Pavilion of God is not a canopy. It is not an umbrella and neither is it a tent. It is the largeness of His presence and the presence of His largeness! As you go this week, God will keep you and your loved ones, and every area of your blessings in His Pavilion. Programmed evils of the day and the night shall never come near you. Darkness of wicked powers shall not get to you. God will put you away from the rage of enemies and preserve you from every evil work. God will make ways of safety for you in all your journeys. The Blood of Jesus will be a covering over you and all that belongs to you, in Jesus Name. You will not have any evil encounter and you will not be unfortunate. Flesh eaters and bloodsuckers will bow to you. Powers distributing sorrow will not succeed with you, every work of the devil, work of the flesh, and evil work shall be destroyed for your sake and it shall be well with you. You will win roundabout. God will produce power, promotion, prosperity, possibility, purity, preservation and perfection out of you, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Have a fruitful week. Stay safe

2023 is your Year of Better Things.

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