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Prophetic Declarations for the Week of 5/14/23

King Belshazzar sinned against God and saw writing on the wall of his palace. The writing was a judgment of dethronement and death and because he didn’t humble himself, the judgment came to pass (Judges 5:22-30). This week, every pending or running judgment against you and your loved ones will be canceled by the Blood of Jesus. Satanic judgment against your health, finances, employment, and marriage will be annulled. God will remember mercy and not judgment against you. Accusing powers pushing your case for punishment will be rebuked by God and you will come out of judgment room into victory room. God will grant you exemption from every punishment. Favors will speak for you against errors. Grace will speak for you against the grave, and help will work against hardship concerning you. God will forbid false witnesses, liars, accusers, and conspirators from building evils against you and your family members. Every physical and spiritual charges prepared against you will backfire. Every crowd of wicked hunters seeking your destruction shall scatter into desolation. Your route of blessings will not be cut. The shade covering your river will not be removed. Ointment and perfume of God will offer you fragrance of favor, help and acceptance, in the Mighty Name of Jesus

Have a safe and blessed week. 2023 is Your Year of Better Things!

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