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Prophetic Declarations for the Week of 4/23/23

We give God all the glory for the New Week. As you go this week, God will decide new mercies in your favor, the blessings of His mercy, compassion and faithfulness shall be rolled together and delivered unto you and your family. Mercy will open heavens of blessings upon you. Compassion will open doors of the nobles for you and God’s faithfulness will break walls and barricades mounted against your advancement, in the name of Jesus. You will enjoy extended grace in all your ways, this week and beyond, you will receive the life-changing good news suddenly, there shall be no failure of breakthrough concerning you and your family members. God will gather gold, glory, men and women for you for new testimonies. God will build His fear and love in your heart like mighty towers. You shall not settle for evils and no evil shall be found in you, The Holy Spirit will place you ahead in blessings, you will be ahead in success and your access to favors will not be broken. Power of a new season will rest upon you, you shall break finally from unstable testimonies and slippery breakthroughs. Testimonies that terminate battles will locate you. Prosperity that terminates lack will flow into your life and victory that swallows desperate enemies will be delivered unto you, in the Mighty Name of Jesus

Have a glorious week. Stay Safe

2023 is Your Year of Better Things!

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