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Prophetic Declarations for the Week of 10/23/22

On this beautiful week, I prophesy that as the sun comes up, so shall your life be made radiant to the glory of God. All angels of help shall rise up and work for you. You will move beyond every point of stagnation you are facing. You will receive divine assistance that will take you to your glorious throne in life. As you arise this week, may the Lord open a new chapter in your life. Almighty God will speak to all your situations and there will be an immediate turnaround for good. God will break the cycle of misfortune in your life and you will know no sorrow again in life. May His name protect you and your family. The miracle that looks impossible, the favor that brings confusion to the camp of the enemies, God’s settlement that proclaim your glory, the acceleration that cannot be stopped, the prosperity that is beyond your explanation or people’s imagination, God will arise and give them to you. You will jubilate before this year runs out, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Have a beautiful and marvelous week. Stay Safe

2022 is Your Year of Perfection

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