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Prophetic Declarations for the New Month of February

Beloved, welcome to the new month. As you move in this month and in this year, 2022, God wilI crown all your paths and endeavors with grace, mercy, blessings, goodness, favor and fatness. The Lord will honor and elevate you beyond reproach. I decree and declare, as the water covers the sea, so shall Almighty God cover you and your family with His Glory and honor.

I join my faith with yours and pray that, the glory that manifest above human manipulation shall be your portion. That entrance that is beyond the hindrance of your enemies, shall be opened unto you for your greatness. Every hands lifted up against you and your family for evil, shall be dried up. No evil shall befall you and your family, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Happy New month! 2022 is your year of perfection.

Have a glorious month. Stay safe.

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