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Prophetic Declarations for the month of November 2022

This month marks your journey into your season of grace and unlimited breakthroughs.

May the God of unlimited grace look upon you with mercy and may you receive a billion-fold grace to perfect all concerning you and mercy to take back all that has been forcefully taken away from you by the powers of darkness. As you have witnessed the dawn of a new month today, may your ways be smooth and glorious. I decree that this month shall be an unusual good month for you and your household. God’s divine intervention shall come to you speedily in all you do. All your wounds and pains shall be healed. Receive grace to achieve all that seem too difficult to achieve. You shall receive a strange turnaround. Your lack season is over. All your requests shall become testimonies this month, in the name of Jesus.

Regardless of the opinion of men, The God of times and seasons will turn things around for your good this month. All locked doors shall be made open to you, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Happy New Month! Have a safe and glorious Month.

2022 is your Year of Perfection

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