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Prophetic Declarations for the Month of February, 2024

Beloved, Welcome to the Month of February. As you move in this month and in this year, 2024, God will crown all your paths and endeavors with grace, mercy, blessings, goodness, favor and fatness.  I pray for you today that as the Grace of God has brought you into a new month, blessings that will make you more honorable than your enemies shall locate you, in Jesus name. The Lord shall position you this month in a struggle-free zone. Whatever that will trouble you this month shall be buried in the name of Jesus. Sorrow will not be added to your blessings. The God of Abraham shall not allow enemies to laugh at you. Songs of victory will not cease from your mouth.

By divine authority this month, Heavens shall rain down from above, divine blessings, unspeakable joy, unlimited breakthroughs, everlasting independence and divine health on you and your descendants.  Every issue that makes you sad and sorrowful shall vanish, events that will make you happy and joyful with uncommon testimonies will begin to emerge from this day in all facets of your life. Benefits of God will seek you from all corners of the world and work for you. Your feet of good success will not be cut.

In the remaining months of this year, sadness and grief will not locate your home, in Jesus Mighty Name.

Happy New Month! Stay safe and Blessed

2024 is Your Year of Flourishing in God’s Fullness

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