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Prophetic Declarations for the Month of August 2023

All the glory to the Lord for bringing us into the month of August! August is the eighth month of the year; a month of new beginnings as the number eight signifies. Everything that has a beginning began with God and this is why I strongly believe that the God of new beginnings is going to begin and finish this month with you in Jesus name. He is going to bombard you with a feast signaling the beginning of new things. This month you are going to forget all the past failures and disappointments and see God spring forth newness in every department of your life. August is a month that makes a Nobody to be a Somebody. There shall be a remarkable transformation in your life this month. Success shall be your portion this month, in the name of Jesus Christ. You will carry grace to succeed in whatever you do this month. You will command an air of importance wherever you go this month in Jesus name. Jehovah God shall declare His greatness in your life. He shall spring surprises in your life that you would spend the rest of your life telling about. August shall ordain a break of battles in your life this month. Disaster will be far from you and your family. God will introduce peace and tranquility in your destiny. There shall be divine overflow in every dry situation of your life. Dryness shall be converted into freshness in your life this month. May you see reasons why you should praise the Lord this month. Your season to celebrate newness is here at last. May you walk in newness of life; new health, jobs, thoughts, dispensation, fire, anointing, level, hope, love, visitation, and position, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Happy New Month! Have a glorious and safe month ahead.

2023 is Your Year of Better Things

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