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Prophetic Declarations for the Month of April 2023

Lord, our mouths are filed with praises and thanksgiving. You have showed Your faithfulness towards us by bringing us into the Month of April. All glory and honor be unto You.

This month, God will direct you to a location of new answers, new power, new riches, new success, new light and new glory. You will move from the mountain of man to the mountain of God. Every new voice you need to hear for your divine settlement to appear, will locate you. Every blessing of God in your life that the enemy has reversed shall be returned to you a hundred fold, Swords of the wicked dangling against your safety shall be swallowed by the mercy of the Lord and voice of opposition against your promotion shall be silenced by the mercy of God, programmed evils of the day and the night shall never come near you and your loved ones. The Blood of Jesus will be a covering over you and all that belongs to you, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Happy New Month! Have a glorious New Month and stay safe

2023 is your Year of Better Things. You are Meant for Better things

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