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Prophetic Declarations for September 2022:

Lord, we have countless reasons to say thank you. Thank you Father for Your lovingkindness, Grace, and Mercy. Our mouths are filled with praises and our hearts with gratitude.

On this glorious morning of the first day of the Month, I stand as a mouthpiece of the Living God and I decree and declare that in the land of trouble your portion shall be empty. In the house of problem, you shall not be an occupant. In the list of sudden death, your name will be missing. Anyone pregnant with evil concerning your life and family shall receive a spiritual abortion. In this 9th month of the year, starting from today, God will personally restore all your losses. He will make the remaining months of the year glorious for you. Every darkness that covered your life shall vanish. Every darkness that covered good things in your life shall disappear. Any power that is laboring to block you from the memory of God and of men shall be put to open disgrace this month. God shall remember you this month! Where they have forgotten you, my God shall cause men to remember and do you good. Things you never thought possible that are good and necessary in your life, God will make them possible. Anyone that is carrying an evil mandate to sabotage your success and victory this month shall be put to open disgrace and disaster. Every promise of God concerning your life that is wasting away and unattended shall be called forth on your behalf this month. You will not labor in vain! You will not suffer a miscarriage! God will deliver you from every spiritual pain you have suffered. In these “ember” months (September, October, November, December), you and your family are divinely protected by the Blood of Jesus. Calamity will be far from you and your family. No evil power shall drink or spill your blood. Today and forever, the good Lord will be a banner over you and your loved ones. Your New Dawn of Great Accomplishments and Unlimited Greatness is here today, in Jesus mighty Name.

2022 is Your of Perfection

Happy New Month. Be Safe

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