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Prophetic Declaration for the Week of Oct 22, 2023

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hank God for the blessing of a new week. This week, God will command every mountain around you to move and never return. Mountains of enemies and their activities around you will move. Mountains of financial worries will move. Mountains of delay and postponement of good things will move, and mountains of uncertainties and confusion will move. Every need of your life that has become a mountain will move. The Lord will speak peace and progress into all issues of your life. He will grant you answers and solutions to long-standing troubles around you. No pain will overstay in your life. Your breaking points will turn to turning points. Every evil judgment against you and your family members will be fulfilled against the judges. Judgment of untimely death, sorrow, lack, affliction, rejection, shame, and reproach will backfire on all evil judges. I decree and declare by the Word of God, that every evil work, work of the devil, work of the flesh, and unfruitful work of darkness concluded against you and all your loved ones, will backfire on the evil workers. No goodness will die in your hands. You will be ahead in victory and rejoicing in Jesus Mighty Name.

Have a glorious week. Stay Safe

2023 is Your Year of Better Things!

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