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Prophetic Declaration for the Week of 6/11/23

God sent the East Wind over the Red Sea and the wind blew and parted the Sea for the Israelites to advance to the promised land. It was a wind of rescue and the people rejoiced. As you go this week, God will send the same wind to break every locked gate, evil barricades, closed roads and evil walls against you and your family. The wind will remove mountains of hardship and hills of uncertainties boasting against your progress. Every protocol that forms a barrier against your blessing shall be annulled and every arrangement of man that is opposing the appointment of God for your life shall be buried. God will bring the full weight of His wrath and terror upon powers, personalities and forces oppressing your glory. Spiritual terrorists afflicting your finances and health shall be broken by the curse of God. Wicked schemers manipulators and conspirators against your blessings shall be served the full dose of their wickedness, in the name of Jesus. God will arise and afflict your spoilers. He will wither evil hands joined together against your peace and silence evil tongues rolling against your testimonies. Every evil name, description, attribution, appellation, suspicion and imagination of the wicked ones about you and your loved ones shall produce new glory in your lives. God will promote you above the narrowness of the envious, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Have a blessed and glorious week. Stay Safe!

2023 is Your Year of Better Things

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