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Prophetic Declaration for the Week of 3/26/23

As you go this last week of the month, may the Lord release His agents of defense on your behalf in large numbers for the rest of this month and beyond. May the power of God be your defense, may the wisdom that is not of this world be available for you as a defense, may the Word of God that is sharper than two edged sword be in your mouth to defend you and all yours. The God of possibility will visit you this week and make everything in your life possible. Almighty Father will pronounce a special blessing on you and your family today. Every curse, spell and covenant of disfavor over your life is broken. Everywhere you go, the favor of God will make you an irresistible attraction and acceptance., uncommon favor of God shall attend unto all your requests, prayers and appearances. God will launch you into higher, bigger and larger dimension of His goodness, grace and glory. The same God Who produced twelve tribes out of Jacob will produce tribes of power, possibility, purity, preservation, and perfection out of you. Every diminishing power, force, people and spirit around you shall wither and waste away. Your increase shall be a decree of God, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Have a glorious week. Stay Safe

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