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Prophetic Declaration for the week of 12/17/23

Its 14 days to go in 2023. May God Almighty give you the secret that will wipe away all your past failures. You will end the year well celebrating. May you experience God’s amazing love in every part of this week and season.  God will pour all of His pleasures upon you and your family. His pleasures will serve you in the morning, afternoon and night. He will crown the remaining days of this year with His pleasure for you and you loved ones. Whatever is not the pleasure of God will not come near you. Sickness, starvation, suffering, and sorrow will not be found in your home. No pleasure of Satan and his agents will be fulfilled concerning you and your family. You will be ahead in victory and testimonies in all your ways. Evil designed and decorated as goodness will not appeal to you. The LORD Himself will carry shoulder high into new favors and help. Your heavens will not be shut and the poison of darkness will not afflict you. Your testimonies will not be buried. Before, the year ends, all your heart desires will be actualized and God’s Grace will shine on you like never before. You will excel in all your ways and you will shine more and more, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

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