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Prophetic Declaration for the Week of 1/29/23

As this week ends this month of Janua

ry, I decree and declare, as the water covers the sea, so shall the Almighty God cover you and your family with His Glory and Honor. I join my faith with yours and pray that, the level of glory that manifest beyond human comprehension shall be released upon you and your family. The glory that manifest above human manipulation shall be your portion. That entrance that is beyond the hindrance of your enemies shall be opened unto you for your greatness. Every hand lifted up against you and your family for evil shall be dried up. No evil shall befall you. You and your family are lifted above the plans of your enemies. Your desires will not be thwarted, your destiny will not be grounded. The Almighty God will take away everything that will cause you failure and disappointment in life. The grace of God will lift you and your entire household into an enviable height, His mercy will not elude you but will constantly speak for you. Every power assigned to mock you is disgraced and destroyed and your secret battle ends now. You will walk in victory, in Jesus Mighty name.

Stay well and stay Safe

2023 is Your Year of Better Things. You are Meant for Better Things!

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