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Prophetic Declaration for the Week:8/30/21

I prophesy that: as the sun comes up, so shall your life be made radiant to the Glory of God. The voice of the Lord will stand out for you no matter the noise around you. God’s Word will speak for you no matter what the enemy is saying. Every dark cloud in your life is blown out to the sea of forgotten deeds. God has come to your rescue. The Holy Spirit will be your guide. You will move beyond every points of stagnation. Almighty God will speak to all your situations and there will be an immediate turnaround for good. God will break the cycle of misfortune in your life and you will know no sorrow again in life. Your matter that looks hopeless is resolved. You will jubilate before this year runs out in the Mighty power of Almighty God in Jesus name.

Have a wonderful week. Stay Safe

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