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Prophetic Declaration for the Week: 2/21/22

By the power in the Blood of Jesus, by the power that created heaven and earth, by the divine power of the Holy Spirit and Almighty God. I prophesy, pronounce, decree, and declare authoritatively that as you go out this week, divine blessings, the highest Grace, everlasting joy, and Mercy of God will be your portion. May the wind of the spirit of God Almighty blow upon you mightily today and always. May you not lack the goodness of God in your life in this new week. The time has come and the time is now that you shall no longer experience hardship, begging to live, nor lacking your heart desires. The story of your life shall change to testimonies and celebrations. You shall live your dreams and vision on earth to the fullest, your destiny on earth shall be fulfilled, in Jesus Mighty Name.

2022 is your Year of Perfection!

Have a glorious week. Stay safe and well

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