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Prophetic Declaration for the Week: 2/14/22

This week, the Lord will bring out joyful possibilities out of every humanly impossibilities for you. That singular miracle that will sink the pride of your enemies shall happen in your life. The success that will shut the mouth of your haters permanently is activated now in your life. Your focus is renewed. Your destiny is refreshed. Your set-time will never become your setback. Receive Anointing for unstoppable accomplishment. You are not missing your goals. No matter the situation, your testimony shall shake the camp of your enemies, in Jesus name. You will forever find favor in the sight of God and man. The Grace of God will break every protocol into pieces, law shall be suspended, established procedures shall be set aside for the manifestation of the promise of God upon your life. Your new dawn of great accomplishments and unlimited greatness is here today in Jesus Mighty Name.

2022 is your year of Perfection!

Have a lovely and wonderful week. Stay safe

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