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Prophetic Declaration for the week: 12/27/21

Hallelujah, welcome to the last week of the year 2021.

In the remaining days of this year, whatever that has been programmed to cause you tears and sorrow shall be destroyed from you and your household. Today, as year 2021 is coming to an end, your life, your good health, your employment, your peace and those of your family members shall not end with it, in Jesus name. Any disaster left in this year shall be minus you and your household. The goodness and faithfulness of God will locate you wherever you go this week. God’s grace and mercies will follow you and your family across the finish line of 2021 into the New Year of 2022. May all your problems and disappointments of 2021 end this week by fire, there will be no evil carryover, in Jesus Mighty name

Remain Abundantly Blessed. Stay Safe

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