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Prophetic Declaration for the Week: 10/18/21

I pray for you this week: God will keep you safe from all hidden dangers and from all deadly diseases. I speak against every negative word spoken against you. I stop the mouth of Balaam and Balak standing against your life. There's no curse against the Lord's inheritance that shall stand. You're His inheritance, no curse or spell shall work against you again in Jesus name. You’re God's covenant carrier, every evil covenant planted in your life shall be destroyed. The blood of Jesus shall speak on your behalf. No evil, no calamity shall befall you. It shall be good news always concerning you and your household. God will take care of all your needs. He will bless your heart with love and faith, comfort your soul with inner peace and touch your life with joy and contentment. Good health shall be your portion always in Jesus name. Heaven will open for your sake, every blessing from above will locate you & your household. Whatever you say or do shall be seasoned with favor and His presence shall be your abode. You shall live your life in maximum glory to the Glory of God, in Jesus Mighty Name! Amen

Have a blessed week. Stay safe

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