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Prophetic Declaration for the Week: 1/10/22

My prayer for you this week is that: you will attract God’s special attention and affection. Heaven shall rejoice over you this week and beyond. You will find what you are looking for in life. Yoke of rising and falling is broken out of your life, in the name of Jesus. Anti-glory; anti-harvest; anti-testimony and anti-promotion forces shall fail woefully in your life. Arrows of satanic delays and denials shall not be your portion. Promoters of emptiness and nothingness shall not see you. Every satanic label attached to your destiny to work against your ability to move to the next level is wiped out by the blood of Jesus. Every power that is waiting to turn back the hand of the clock against your life shall die by fire. The clock of your destiny is unstoppable! Therefore whoever is laboring to stop it this year shall die for your sake. I prophesy to the belly of this week, month and year that all those who are pregnant with evil plans against you shall suffer miscarriage by fire. You will be remembered and appreciated from far places. You will be preferred and considered above others, in the Mighty name of Jesus

2022 is your year of perfection!

Have a blessed week. Stay safe

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