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Prophetic Declaration for the New Month (May) and New Week:

To God be the glory, for the great things He has done! Thank You, Lord for bringing us to a New Month and a New Week.

This New Month and Week, God will remember you and launch you into overwhelming blessings, honor, riches, power, joy, peace and glory. Angels of celebration will visit you and connect you to your jubilation. The Mercy of God will knock out every judgment standing against your flourishing. In this New Month, the Lord will visit your circumstance and grant you fearful blessings. Doors of divine remembrance will open for you. Crowns of divine remembrance will come upon your head and you will sing sweeter songs. Evil works and workers striving against your celebration will die. The Hand of the Lord will exalt every valley situation around you, mountains of battles will crumble, wind of unrest will cease, clouds of uncertainties will break into showers of blessings and the room of darkness holding you will broken by the light of God. May God give you relief for every stress, a sweet song for every sigh, an answer to every prayer and peace for every trouble of the moment. Anything programmed by any evil means in the day and night to make you cry, suffer losses or bring you down shall fail woefully. The glory of God in your life shall be manifested, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Happy New Month and Week! Stay Safe

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