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Prophetic Declaration for the Month of April, 2022

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Welcome to the New Month full of possibilities and breakthroughs. Lord, we thank You for Your Goodness and Love towards us. As we enter into the fourth calendar month, this April, I pray with authority and I command that every evil power that has acquired authority on you and all yours be paralyzed now, in the name of Jesus. I destroy all devices of the devil used in the heavenlies against your destiny, in Jesus name. I declare as you go through the days of this month, it shall be blessings galore for you. Blessed are you everywhere you find yourself. Your life shall be full of blessings and you'll be a source of blessing for others. Any evil wind that is meant to wipe away all that you have worked for in your life shall meet the power of God. May every plan of the enemy to tamper with your joy fail. Almighty God will change every stubborn problem in your life to testimonies, in Jesus name. I decree all aborted blessings and breakthroughs be returned to you this month, in Jesus name. Receive the miracle of explosive prosperity and abundant living, in Jesus name


2022 is your year of perfection.

Have a great blissfully blessed month.

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