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Prophetic Declaration for November

I welcome you to the sunset month. Your sun will never set prematurely. I thank God for making us see the eleventh month of the year. Glory to God for keeping us and our family members the past ten months of the year. I thank God for His mercies that are new every morning that we enjoy. Great is His faithfulness. I pray that as you go this month, God will preserve you and your family from all evil. All elemental forces shall work in your favor this month, in the name of Jesus. Everything that God promised you this month must surely come to pass. All the entitlements or benefits that were detained by the enemy must be delivered intact into your hands in this month of sunset. Jehovah has promised and He will perform it this month in Jesus name. This month you must get ready to shake the shakables and move the movables to your favor. Every power that is speaking against your divine sun, so that it will set prematurely, this year shall expire by fire. Any prophet that is backing your enemy to delay your blessing shall experience spiritual blackout. Every power that is challenging the breaking of the day and rising of the sun in your life shall expire by fire. Good things shall look for you this month. The bad and evil shall go far from you. The God of the eleventh hour will beginning and finish the new month with you. He is going to bombard you with a feast signaling the beginning of new things. This month you are going to forget all the past failures and disappointments and see God spring forth newness in every department of your life. You shall witness the disappearance of those things you call problems. May you walk in covenant of life; good health, jobs, thoughts, dispensation, fire, anointing, level, hope, love, visitation, position. There shall be divine overflow in every dry situation of your life. Dryness shall be converted into freshness in your life this month. It is your turn to celebrate and sing a new song as new things would be bombarding your life this month. God shall put a new song in your mouth and give you a platform on which to sing and tell of His goodness and faithfulness. May you see reasons why you should praise the Lord this month. He shall spring surprises in your life that you would spend the rest of your life telling about, in Jesus Mighty Name

Happy New Month. Stay Safe!

2023 is Your Year of Better Things

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