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Prophetic Declaration for December 2023

O Lord, we are very, very grateful for all You have done for us. Our mouths are filed with praises and thanksgiving.

You are welcome to the Month of December, the last month of the year, 2023. Indeed, we serve a faithful God. He preserved us from the beginning of the year, and now we are in the last month of the year. He also crowned our days with His loving kindness and faithfulness. We give Him all the glory and honor.

As you go this last month of the year, God will set His table before you and your household and you will be full of His glory. As you step into the twelfth mouth of this year, your hopes, aspirations, expectations for this year will surely manifest and translate fully into testimonies. From today, the power of God will bring you endless joy and peace. I speak to every bitterness concerning your life and those of your loved ones, by the special Grace of God has come to an end. I decree open doors for you and your family. In the remaining days of this year and the years ahead, there will be no weeping, no mourning, no regrets, no lamentations, no untimely deaths in your household in the name of Jesus. I prophesy to the belly of this month that all those who are pregnant with evil plans against you and your loved ones shall suffer miscarriage by fire. What your energy cannot bring forth, the glory of God will bring to you, this month. His wonders will be new identities of your life. The God of time and season will arise and change your story to glory this month. Heaven shall rejoice over you this month!! You will find what you are looking for in life!!

As you go this month, may the Face of the Lord shine upon you. May the Lord smile upon you! May the beauty of the Lord be upon you! May the works of your hand prosper! May your heart be full of joy. May your enemies bow before you! May prosperity come your way! May good health be your portion! From this day forward in every battle you will always have the upper hand. Every form of struggles in your life comes to an end today. Shame and reproach comes to an end in your life today. All setbacks comes to an end in your life and family today. Every form of disappointment in your life and family is broken. You and you and your family are blessed forever, in Jesus Mighty Name!

Have a blessed and glorious month. Stay Safe

2023 is Your Year of Better Things!

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