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Prophetic Declaration for December

O Lord, we are very, very grateful for all you have done for us,

O Lord we are very, very grateful,

We are saying thank you, Jesus.

Lord, our mouths are filed with praises and thanksgiving. You have showed Your faithfulness towards us by bringing us into the Month of December. All glory and honor be unto You.

Father God, this month of December 2022 is declared our month of overflowing testimonies. I declare, all through this new month, the windows of heaven are open unto us and our barns shall be full to the overflowing. Strange testimonies will come our way this month to the glory of God, in the name of Jesus.

This month is the beginning of your unending favor. I declare, all those who look up to you shall not be disappointed. Your mockers shall celebrate you because you have a delightful inheritance in the Lord.

Your overdue miracles shall be delivered speedily. Whatever is preventing your breakthrough is finally judge to give way and cleared off. The month shall be sickness free and crisis free, poverty shall miss your dwelling. From today, the power of God will bring you endless joy and peace. In the remaining days of this year and the years ahead, there will be no weeping, no mourning, no regrets, no lamentation, no untimely death in your household, so shall it be, in Jesus Mighty name

Happy New Month!

Have a Fruitful and Richly Blessed New Month.

Stay well and Safe

2022 is your Year of Perfection!

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