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Prophetic Declaration for December

Lord, our mouths are filed with praises and thanksgiving. You have brought us into the last month of the Year 2021. We give You all the glory and honor.

As you step into the last month of this year, I pray, you will not walk into the trap of your enemies. The Holy Spirit will be your guide, the Grace of God Almighty will be sufficient for you. The hand of God Almighty will touch your situation positively and you will experience Him in a whole new way. l pray that, never like before, the Grace of our Heavenly Father that makes the day to break with ease will make you break new grounds with ease beyond your imagination. As you step into the twelfth mouth of this year, your hopes, aspirations, expectations for this year will surely manifest and translate fully into testimonies. From today, the power of God will bring you endless joy and peace. I speak to every bitterness concerning your life and those of your loved ones, by the special Grace of God has come to an end. I decree open doors for you and your family. In the remaining days of this year and the years ahead, there will be no weeping, no mourning, no regrets, no lamentations, no untimely deaths in your household, so shall it be in Jesus mighty name.

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