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O, Lord Anoint me for Exemption

I am ordained to be exempted from the terror of darkness of the night and the evil arrows of the day.

1. No matter the current economic meltdown, I am exempted, because I am part of God’s exemption plan.

2. My family and I are exempted from all manner of plagues that shall befall the world.

3. The works of my hands are exempted from collapse or ruins.

4. The blood of Jesus has redeemed and insulated me from the agonies of this life.

5. I carry the blood of Jesus, the blood of Passover. I will never see or taste evil.

6. My family and I are exceptionally exempted from the calamities of this world through the blood of Jesus.

7. My family and I shall be exempted from premature death. A seal of exemption shall be placed on our foreheads, in Jesus name.

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