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My Mouth Shall Be Fire

1. My Lord my God, if what I am passing through is as a result of the way I used my mouth before, O Lord, deliver my mouth, in the name of Jesus

2. O Lord, forgive me if I have used my tongue wrongly in the past, in the name of Jesus

3. Holy Ghost fire! Deliver my mouth from careless talking, in the name of Jesus

4. Holy Ghost fire fall upon my life and make my mouth fire, in the name of Jesus.

5. Every evil mouth vomiting curses upon my life, close by fire, in the name of Jesus

6. Every ungodly mouth that is laboring to empty my life, whosoever you are and wherever you are, your words shall return back to the sender, in the name of Jesus

8. Every dead person that dropped evil words against me before going to the grave, I bury your evil words with you, in the name of Jesus

9. Every tongue that is cooperating with other tongues to slay me before my helpers of destiny, I divide you by fire, in the name of Jesus

10. My life! Arise; refuse to cooperate with evil decrees of bad-mouthed prophets, in the name of Jesus

11. Mouth of darkness! You are a liar; my blessing cannot be cursed, in the name of Jesus

12. O mouth of the grave! What are you waiting for? Close against those that are chanting against my survival, in the name of Jesus

13. Mouth of swallowers! What are you waiting for, vomit my blessings by fire, in the name of Jesus

14. Every evil mouth ordained to terminate my joy and gladness! Close, in the name of Jesus

15. Mouth of false allegation preparing to tell lies against me the coming year, close by fire, in the name of Jesus

16. Every ungodly mouth that has risen to cause division in my family, close by fire, in the name of Jesus

17. Every mouth of darkness that is praying wicked prayer against me in the day or night, close by fire, in the name of Jesus

18. O God arise! Enlarge my mouth over my enemy this coming year, in the name of Jesus.

19. My mouth! Carry grace and divine fire.

20. Power to say and it comes to pass, fall upon my mouth now.

21. I declare by the spirit of prophecy, every word I speak henceforth shall bring terror to my adversary and prosperity to my admirers.

22. O Lord, prosper and promote my mouth above all those speaking evil into my destiny.

23. I refuse to be a noisemaker! Henceforth every word I speak from this mouth shall be seasoned by fire and grace.

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