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I Shall walk in the Power of Dominion

God never intended for His people to live in defeat. He destined us to rule, He says, rule in the midst of your enemies.

There is a position in life called dominion that we are supposed to occupy. Unfortunately, many believers do not understand this or have come to the full knowledge of it.

To have dominion means to overcome, to control, to subdue, to subjugate, to lead, to be the head,

When you begin to occupy and begin to operate in the level where you are supposed to occupy, it does not matter what the world does, the world can envy you, hate you, disapprove of you, but the point is that no matter what they do, they will eventually submit to whatever you do as a person

Prayer Points:

1. Thou power of Egypt! Loose your control and dominion over my life now.

2. Every spiritual battle to unseat me from my seat of dominion and excellence, backfire now.

3. Any evil kingdom challenging my authority to rule in life, You are a liar, I shall rule by fire, in the name of Jesus

4. Every strange and evil prophecy blocking my chance of rulership and dominion, expire by fire, in the name of Jesus

5. Power to divide my problem Red Sea and Jordan this month, fall upon me now.

6. In this season of the year I shall arise and dominate every confronting mountain on my way to the top.

7. Any hand of darkness holding my progress at a standstill, catch fire.

8. Power of God! Wonderworking power of God!! Move and rearrange my destiny by fire.

9. Power of progressive changes! Fall!! Fall!!! Fall on me!!!!

10. God of Joshua, arise and magnify me this day!

11. Thou power of God, visit the camp of my enemies and disorganize them by fire.

12. El Shaddai God! Manifest your covenant of fruitfulness in every area of my life, in the name of Jesus

13. Every power that had me in bondage; I declare to you, The Breaker Is Here! Release me by fire, in the name of Jesus

14. You dark forces that have kept me in bondage all these years, enough is enough, dominion must change hands in my life, in the name of Jesus

15. Power to dominate and subdue the earth, begin to manifest in my life now.

16. (Put your name here)! Rule thou in midst of your enemies, in the name of Jesus

17. Every knee of failure and rejection that Satan has strengthened against my life, bow down before me now, in the name of Jesus

18. Anchor of death and defeat! I smash you against the Rock of Ages this month

19. Inherited death sentence and destruction, break and expire now!

20. Yoke-destroying anointing! Manifest and terminate suffering in my life.

21. Spirit that keeps people in the tail region of life, I push you out of my life by fire, in the name of Jesus

22. Every knee of sickness and infirmity, bow down before me now

23. Darkness shall not hold me to ransom any more; O Lord, deliver me by fire.

24. My life shall break forth into dancing and testimony, in the name of Jesus

25. Those who predicted, and prayed for, my downfall yesterday shall shout my praise, in the name of Jesus.

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