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Friday Night Vigil - 9/2/22 Dealing with Strange and Stubborn Problem

Ancient of Days fight for me and give me total victory tonight.

I tender my case this night before the altar of fire! O Lord, answer me by fire.

1. O Lord, every incantation and evil prophecies working against me, backfire to your sender, in the name of Jesus

2. Problems assigned to destroy me, go back to your sender, in the name of Jesus

3. Every strange and stubborn problem of no solution, assigned to make things difficult for me, be purged out of my life, by the Blood of Jesus

4. Every generational bondage causing limitations in my life, break, in the name of Jesus

5. O Lord, my God, disgrace the root of all inherited stubborn problems in my life, in the name of Jesus

6. Any evil anchor tying me to one position in life, break and let me go.

7. any power that has entered into blood covenant in order to destroy my life, be destroyed, in the name of Jesus

8. My Father! Let every evil arrow fired against me from the wicked BACKFIRE 21 times! In the name of Jesus

9. Every satanic cooperation in the dark kingdom to make me a deliverance candidate, break now by fire.

10.Blood of Jesus! Arise; deliver and cleanse my spirit, soul and body.

11. Holy Ghost fire! Circulate my spirit, soul and body and drive away every evil living inside me.

12. Every satanic attachment giving Satan a legal ground to hold me captive, catch fire.

13 O Lord, run me through your fire and blood and rid me of evil spirits.

14. Satan! Demons!! Strange arrows and deposits!!! I refuse to accommodate you any further; clear out by fire.

15. Every food coded by Satan and fed into my system in the night, come out by fire.

16. As I drink the blood of Jesus and swallow the fire of the Holy Ghost, O Lord, purge me and rid me of any sickness

17. I refuse to expire and retire prematurely; therefore every dark personality ordained to terminate my destiny, fall down and die

18. Every power that has vowed to keep me moving around one spot in life, loose your hold now by fire.

19. You the power operating in my head! Receive fire and come out now.

20. Every evil deposit, evil load hindering my life, dry up by fire, in the name of Jesus

21. Any stubborn power behind my present predicaments and problems, I bury you alive, in the name of Jesus

22. I rebuke every storm assigned to take away God’s glory in my life

23. You my life, hear the Word of the Lord, you shall not be cut short, in Jesus name

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