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Friday Night Vigil - 9/16/22 An Antelope in the Net - Prayer Points

Anything in my life that empowers satan to defeat my prayers this night, be wiped out by the blood of Jesus O Lord! Give me the power to pray and receive results tonight, in the name of Jesus I tender my case this night before the altar of fire! O Lord, answer me by fire. 1. Any evil anchor tying me to one position in life, break and let me go, in the name of Jesus 2. I break myself loose from the yoke of stagnancy and backwardness, in the name of Jesus. 3. O God arise! Separate me from my past and bring me into what you have written concerning me, in the name of Jesus 4. I break out of every spiritual house arrest and proceed to my next level by fire, in the name of Jesus 5. Every power preparing unprofitable load for my head this night, receive divine stones of fire and die, in the name of Jesus 6. Every evil man or woman attached to my leg that is making it impossible for me to climb the ladder of life, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus 7. Every sin, curse and evil covenant working against my freedom, be wiped away by the blood of Jesus 8. Every satanic attachment giving Satan a legal ground to hold me captive, catch fire. 9. Satan! Demons!! Strange arrows and deposits!!! I refuse to accommodate you any further; clear out by fire, in Jesus name. 10. Every food coded by Satan and fed into my system in the night, come out by fire, in the name of Jesus 11. Every power that has vowed to keep me moving around one spot in life, loose your hold now by fire, in the name of Jesus 12. You the power operating in my head! Receive fire and come out now, in Jesus name 13. Evil ropes, chains and padlocks! Catch fire and burn to ashes, in Jesus name. 14. Every power delegated to arrest and render me unavailable! You are a liar; die and let me go, in the name of Jesus 15. You mind controlling demons manipulating my life, loose your hold over my life now, in the name of Jesus 16. Wherever they have caged my spirit, virtues, blessings, helpers, money and glory, be released now by fire, in the name of Jesus. 17. Every wicked personality that has vowed to kill me because of my progress and good work, fall down and perish by the sword of the Almighty, in the name of Jesus 18. (Lift up your hands and say) “O Lord, send your mighty angel with sword and fire, and break chains from off my hands and legs, in the name of Jesus 19. Any embargo placed upon my health, my finances, my peace, my life be lifted of, in the name of Jesus 20. Mention the under listed one by one and say “Break by the Blood of Jesus” Arresting chains of: - Backwardness -sickness - rejection - failure - non-achievement - disfavor -miscarriage -barrenness -setbacks -Stagnancy -Impossibility -Lateness in goodness -Sorrow and tears -Disappointment Declarations: I receive uncommon wisdom to excel in life. I decree and declare that every evil chain is broken in my life and family. By the authority that is in the name and Blood of Jesus, I declare I am untouchable and unstoppable in Jesus name

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