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Faithfulness is one of those important ingredients that are required for us to be accepted before God. As a fact, when we stand before God, His commendation to us, if He approves of us would be, “well done thou good and faithful servant". So God is looking for faithfulness.

So everything thing we do here on earth, for it to become successful, for it to merit God’s approval, there has to be a spirit of faithfulness that backs it.

What does it mean to be faithful? To be faithful means to be devoted, which means to be totally or completely committed to something. It means to be wholly committed to something. To be faithful also means to be honesty. To stick with the truth. To be sincere and not to be dubious and devious. To be faithful means to be trustworthy. To be faithful means to be dependable. When we say that somebody is faithful these qualities must be found in that person. Now, God himself is faithful. God is devoted to us and He is devoted to His course. God is honest. His Word is true, Yea and Amen. He is trustworthy. He is dependable. Not only is God faithful. He requires the same from us. He requires that we also become faithful.

Luke 16:10-12 – In the verses the Lord talks about faithfulness. He talks about three areas of faithfulness that He requires from us. 1. Faithful with least things or little things: This is the first measure of faithfulness. It is the first test of faithfulness. If God wants to test to see whether we are faithful, He is going to see our attitude or He is going to judge our attitude towards little things. Not to the big things, but how we handle little things. A lot on life depends on the small things. Unfortunately, many people do not like to focus their attention on small things. They do not like doing little works. They do not like small changes or small blessings. We want to have everything all at once and on a big scale. But let me tell you nothing will ever grow big in our lives until we pass through the test of the small things. You have to learn to appreciate every small thing; everything that you think is insignificant or unworthy of serious consideration. That is the first test. And if you don’t pass that test, God is not going to take you any further.

The 2nd test of faithfulness is faithfulness with money. In the text, the Lord calls it unrighteousness mammon (worldly wealth). How we deal with money will determine what God does with us. He said if you have been unfaithful with unrighteous mammon who will commit to you true riches. God cannot give to you His true riches, his true heritage, His true inheritance until you have passed the money test.

3rd area is faithfulness with other people’s properties. Faithfulness in these 3 areas are critical in meeting God’s approval

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