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Divine Declaration for the month of July

The seventh month is the beginning of the second half of the twelve months in the game of life. It does not matter who won the first half, the second half is what decides who will win the game at last.

Everything that you didn’t achieve in the first half you shall receive them in this second half in the name of Jesus Christ. As you enter the seventh month of the year, I close every backdoor opened by the emptier into your life, and I pray every closed door of blessings open by fire. Every spiritual tower built to challenge your authority to rule in the midst of enemies this month, be overthrown by fire. You shall manifest the power of increase in every department of your life.

In this seventh month of the year, every one campaigning for your dismissal shall fail woefully, in the name of Jesus. Dumbfounding miracles shall locate you. God shall perfect all that concerns you. He shall finish every unfinished project in your life.

Anyone planning to withdraw you from your divine seat this month shall not prosper God shall disgrace them by fire. Every wicked decision to confuse and waste your life and those of your loved ones this month shall backfire seven times, in the name of Jesus.

I welcome you to the month of feasting. May you find a reason why you must join other people to celebrate this month in Jesus mighty name. Happy New Month! Stay safe and Blessed.

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