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Declaration for the Week - 3/7/21

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

The Lord will be a banner over you and your family. He will protect you from harm and envelop your household in His love and safety, in the name of Jesus.

By His grace and by the potent power of the Most High, you and your loved ones shall be immovable, unshakable and untouchable, in the name of Jesus

The Almighty God has put His mark upon you such that no evil machinations shall come anywhere near you and your family, in the name of Jesus

May the Lord guide you in all that you do this week. May He also fight all your secret and open battles, load your life with great benefits, heal your wounds, wipe away your tears, and frustrate the program of the wicked over your life and that of your loved ones, in Jesus mighty name.

Have a glorious week. Stay well

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