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Declaration for the Month of March-3/1/21

As we enter into the third calendar month of the year, I pray with authority and I command that every evil power that has acquired authority on you and your family be paralyzed now, in the name of Jesus.

Every power hired to pull you down this month shall fall after the order of Balaam, in the mighty name of Jesus.

The banner of the Lord’s protection shall shield you and your family against every form of disaster, in the name of Jesus

No evil cry, lamentation and weeping shall be heard in your family, in the name of Jesus.

The Lord shall deliver you and your family from all known and unknown battles, in the name of Jesus

The God of the beginning and the end will see you and your family through this month, in Jesus name.

The Lord will give you a miracle that will end all your pains and misery, in Jesus name.

No sickness or affliction shall gain access into your life this month, in Jesus name.

Disappointments at the edge of breakthrough shall pass over you, in Jesus name.

I decree all aborted blessings and breakthroughs be restored to you this month, in Jesus might name.

All through this month and beyond you shall continue to sing a new song, in Jesus mighty name.

It shall be well with you and your family members!

Have a blissfully blessed month ahead.

Happy New Month!

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