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Dealing with Issues of This Kind

Mark 9:17-29 What is this Kind? - Any problem that defiles solution, unwilling to yield, repeats itself in occurrence, and wants to see the end of a man’s life, is this kind. - Any sickness that puts a man in terminal state condition, is this kind - A phenomenon where you are press down in your sleep, is this kind. - Sexual molestation in the dream, is this kind - Evil consumption in the dream, is this kind - All kinds of demonic activities like fear, anxiety attack, oppression, depression, suppression, etc is this kind Prayers against issues of this kind: Anointing to damage and uproot every negative issues in my life, move upon me now, in the name of Jesus. 1. Any power assigned to ridicule my life, you are a liar! Die in the name of Jesus 2. Powers insulting God in my life, die in the name of Jesus. 3. Every battle designed to embarrass me, die in the name of Jesus 4. Messengers of sickness in my body, die in the name of Jesus. 5. Every battle, fighting from inside my blood: die in the name of Jesus. 6. Powers feeding my spirit man with the food of death, what are you waiting for: die in the name of Jesus 7. Fire of God, consume every strange powers pressing on my body, in the name of Jesus 8. Every power, personality, and spirit contesting with God’s yes for me in marriage, your time is up, die now, in the name of Jesus 9. Stubborn enemies of my life! Hear the Word of the Lord, die my fire, in the name of Jesus. 10 Bondage Breaker! Jesus Christ! break my bondage today, in the name of Jesus. 11. My Father! These two things I ask from you today, do not deny me. Give me grace and give me power to overcome issues of life. ReplyForward

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