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Day 1 (Monday)-2022 Prayer and Fasting Program



Day 1

Scripture Reading: Joel 2:25-32; Jeremiah 30:1-17

Divine restoration is when God in His mercies restores to you in multiple folds all that were taken from you. It is when God takes that which was broken, puts it together again and makes it better than it was before. It is when God takes the shattered pieces of your life, glue them together with His love, and make them stronger in the places where they were once weak. God’s divine restoration is more than what humans can comprehend. It is life-changing and it lasts for generations.

O Lord, I thank you for the privilege to seek you this day and beyond. Thank you for the grace released upon my life and the members of Chosen Generation Ministry to start this acceptable prayer and fasting program.

O Lord, have mercy upon me and forgive me of all my sins. Let your precious blood shed on the Cross of Calvary cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Help me to be broken within and without and help me to focus on Your kingdom and its righteousness.

My Father, this season shall be a season of celebration. No defilement will entrap my destiny. O Lord, restore to me everything the enemy had taken from me in the past years, restore my peace, my praise life, my dream, my motivation, my health, my finances, my promised life of favor and distinction in Jesus name.

I am not permitted to die young and I shall not finish my race as a liability. As I celebrate God with thanksgiving, I declare, it shall be a season of open reward, awesome testimonies and unimaginable liftings in my life, in the name of Jesus. I declare the End of all Misfortune. My family and I shall experience the best that Heaven has released for us. Every oppression of the wicked shall come to an end.

My Father, as I continue to partner with you my home, my career, my business, finances shall experience surplus supply. I announce, the curse of untimely death is gone, the curse of struggling for survival is gone.

I am thanking you Lord for life, for good health, for promotion, and for open doors and for you to prepare to release my next levels of miracles from this day onward in grand style to the shame of my mockers and the glory of your name in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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