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Praise and Worship


Psalm 126:1-3 When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them. The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.


2 Samuel 7:29

"Thou, O LORD God, hast spoken it: and with Thy blessing let the house of Thy servant be blessed forever"


O Lord, I thank You for the grace granted me and the members of Chosen Generation Ministry in completing the 5 days Prayers and Fasting exercise.

Thank You Lord for the possibilities packaged for us in this season.

Thank You, Lord for outstanding and awe-inspiring testimonies that will come forth from the Fasting Program. To You alone be all the glory, Lord, in Jesus Mighty Name.

I appreciate and thank You, LORD for the continuous grace released into our lives since the beginning of the fasting exercise.

I declare that the hands of God are upon me for unusual exploit. I declare divine encounter upon my destiny, my family, and the family of Chosen Generation Ministry for unprecedented lifting throughout this year, in the name of Jesus.

My Father, my Father, as you drove away the enemies of the children of Israel so they could possess their inheritance, I call upon you that every force and authority risen against or withstanding my destiny, be driven away by your power and Spirit and I will possess my possession in Jesus Name.

I prayer that every evil covering and power over my destiny, over my family and my Church be shattered and be destroyed, in the name of Jesus Son of the Living God. Every curse, spell, enchantment and divination targeted at me, and my family, I bind them together and fire back to the sender By the blood of Jesus Christ. We are liberated from every imprisonment and are liberated from anything delaying our destinies.

By the authority in the name of Jesus, I receive the power and grace of steady focus to pursue and obtain everything that God ordained for my destiny this year and beyond.

My Father, I pray that You will protect me, my family and every member of Chosen Generation Ministry from the terror of the night, arrows of wickedness and any form of destruction this year. I boldly declare that my family and I are divinely exempted from any form of evil or calamity this year 2024.

I declare that God will enlarge my coast, extend my capacities, and make me a person of influence and affluence

In this year 2024, my Father, grant me the grace to see the way I need to see, to think the way I need to think and accomplish what you have purpose for me to accomplish. I declare that I will not be behind in any godly endeavor but I will finish well in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, I receive the grace to be empowered and fortified spiritually, emotionally and physically this year. I loose myself under the power and influence of the Holy Ghost.

From today and henceforth, I decree that the blessing of God is upon me for tangible increase and all-round profiting.

Father God, my declaration today and all through the rest of this year and beyond is covered by the Blood of Jesus. I have overcome the devil, my Red Sea, my problems by Your Blood, in the Mighty name of Jesus, I have prayed. Amen and Amen! 

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